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Marc van der Wurff

Lead software engineer! (Parttime software architect)


Value driven product development

I’m an experienced engineer with a solid 20 years of hands-on experience in various languages, frameworks and platforms. I love to work on truly distributed systems, DDD and eventsourcing. I always seek for the cleanest and most lean solution. I work with great passion to improve processes and quality with cost in mind. I am eager to lead and learn. Among my strengths are an analytical mindset, responsibility, pragmatism and great motivation for an awesome result. I aim for a zero bug policy and have a lot of 24/7 support experience.

Most open to senior roles related to 1) DDD / CQRS / eventsourcing, or 2) Transforming companies towards Microservices/Cont. delivery, or 3) zero bug policy, 24/7 support and SRE. Desire to help companies solve difficult tech & org challenges.



I’m available for contract and consultancy work.

Chamber of commerce 30285794
Wilnis, The Netherlands